This is a WebSDR receiver, located in Friedrichshafen, Germany (at Lake Constance)

We are using the (Titanex V160HD) fullsize groundplane (80m) as shown on the picture above and a FUNCube Dongle Pro+.

If we need the aerial in the lab, it is separated, without other announcement, immediately from the Websdr.

On 2m we use a USB DVB-T-Stick connected to a vertical antenna (Diamond X300) below the roof.

I managed to get our QS1R wideband receiver working with this WEBSDR.

Our QS1R is used primarily as a CW-Skimmer. With it all frequency (80m-CW,40m,30m,20m,15m,10m) are in the CW area of the bands.
Antenna is a multi band dipole (Kelemen DP-8040201510H) on the attic.

More information about the WebSDR project can be found on

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? kHz @ -6dB; ? kHz @ -60dB.
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